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Fiona Symons has produced an attractive range of strong, practical sailcloth bags.

"Each bag has evolved from a need for family and friends, whether for victualling the boat, heavy shopping, log carrying, beach gear, etc., etc., the list just goes on.

There are acres of sailcloth sitting in lofts and garages, ideal for recycling into bags which are made to last a lifetime. With the phasing out of plastic bags, the 'carrier bag' makes an ideal machine- washable replacement.

I find that they appeal to all ages and both sexes. In fact, the biggest seller has been the personalised weekend 'roll bag', usually ordered for teenagers and young adults.

I am always receptive to ideas for new styles and often make 'one-off' items by request. Some bags have their own identity because of the fabrics stitched on top of the sailcloth, as in the 'stash bags', and customers often like to have initials stitched on and choose an appropriate fabric from the range that I have available.

By recycling the fabrics, the bags take on a slightly new but used look - I patch small worn areas or marks which adds interest and reinforces them.

My workroom is at home and although I carry a small stock,most bags are made to order. I like my customers to get in touch either by telephone or e-mail so that I can make sure their bag will fit their needs."

Used sails of any colour, size or age in a clean condition, except for kevlar racing sails, are valuable to Canbags, so please contact Fiona Symons on 01752 843638. Hopefully you will be in delivery or collection range of Cornwall and ready to swap them for a bag.

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